Tactical and Strategic Alignment

Operations that are extremely complex often do not lend themselves well to traditional approaches.   At the Davelon Group we use Strategic Planning Operations (SPO) as a core requisite process for effective execution of the mission. 

The Davelon Group has the experience and knowledge to facilitate and guide the organization:
  • Establishing an effective and a permanent SPO process
  • Provide road maps to decompose the Rice Bowl and Siloed barriers for SPO
  • Alignment of Core logistics process - MAP
Unique to The Davelon Group are the MAP measurements (Mission Aligned Processes)
Our MAP process has 4 key components which constitute the MAP Lens:
  1. A formulation of the current processes and organizations relationships with respect to mission effectiveness
  2. Templates to establish valuable future SPO's
  3. Identifying operational gaps and process opportunities
  4. Using the MAP measurements as a baseline for the sequential CM (change management processes)