Business Process Improvement
An organization's business process is the engine that delivers value to its customers, whether they be consumers, businesses, or government.      This engine must be tuned, efficient, and responsive.    Are you where you need to be?    How do you know?

If the some of the following questions remain unanswered then you should evaluate your processes:
  1. Can you explicitly describe your end to end process -supplier to customer?
  2. Do you have the capabilities to deliver the requisite service levels?
  3. Can you identify your supply chain risks?
  4. Is there ownership for each step in your product or service life cycle?
  5. What are your top 5 business constraints?
  6. What is the true cost of your products or services?
  7. Do all operational centers define success the same way?
  8. Does your organization have a route cause and corrective action plan?
  9. What is the critical path to deliver value to your customers?
  10. What is your operational baseline?
At the Davelon Group we help provide answers to these questions and a path forward roadmap.
Are your processes efficient - what are the gaps and areas for improvement

  • Training
  • Technical capabilities
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • LifeCycle Management
  • Understanding Risk and Exposure
Sometimes the obvious is not obvious