The DLA utilizes a number of core solutions and capabilities to support the Services. These include SAP and the JDA planning and collaboration tools. At the Davelon Group we have supported the development DLA’s capabilities and are part of the prime and Government team rolling out Army’s Logistics Modernization Program solution.


As part of the DoD mandate, the DLA is managing the supply and inventory of an increasingly larger scope of depot level repairable materiels. Materiels that were managed by a command or depot repair/maintenance facility are going to be managed by DLA and its item managers.


The team at the Davelon Group was involved in designing and implementing the DLA supply and demand planning modernization solutions for BSM (now EBS). In addition to the DLA, we are directly providing resources in the Army’s logistics program as solution and data architects, including the Life Cycle Management Commands (LCMC) to maintenance and repair operations at the depots.   

The Davelon Group capabilities:

  •  Demand forecasting of repairable and consumable materiels
  •  Inventory management and stocking strategies
  •  Materiel movement and replenishment planning
  •  Army PLM Management
  • Weapon system bill of materials (BOM’s)
    • PMR – provisioning master records
    • Repair BOM’s (depot level)
    • Overhaul and Maintenance
  • Battle damaged repair planning
  • Collaborative planning and inventory storage strategies